Zoruwhite - [House?] [Collab]

Anyone interested?
(Pls dont steal it ;P)

Update: I see five clicks on the link, pls let me know soon if you’re up to collab on it

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Count me in? I love House. (Btw I’m pretty sure this is progressive house.)

Cool! I believe that ive waited for responses a bit too long, lets get on with this track then!

Im going to dm you so we can talk on there, but we can start a little later, because right now, I’m busy

Ok :ok_hand:t2:

Hey man, I’m interested in collabing with you, is that cool with you?

Also, what kind of style are you going for?

Yea sure! I’ll make a private chat for the three of us!

Progressive House I guess? But something heavier on bass

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I’m good with bass

Ok cool