Zora Hall - Slow By Design - [Electronic, Rock]

Here’s a chill little jam I wrote recently


Here’s a direct link to the project:

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It’s kinda nice! But here’s the thing that I’m uncomfortable with. First of all, basically idk if Pavement could be a guitar nowadays. Or even any sound from Vintage Keys. People are using Mental & Bitty or Scorpio & Posture for guitars now. Second, drums need some re-work. You’ll need a harder kick, snare & hihat. Last but not least, there should be a half sound sweeper there so it can sound nice. Thanks though, I love the work!

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I’m trying to be honest, not just making you upset or something, right?

That’s just your opinion


Thanks for the critique :+1:t2:

I messed with those other leads you mentioned, but I couldn’t get them to sound better than what Pavement is already doing.

And I’m not entirely sure what you mean by adding the sweeper.

If it’s not too much to ask, could you make some/all of these tweaks to the track and post a link to the project here in these comments?

I’m always open to learn new stuff and this could help me out :+1:t2:

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I need to make it quiet. Like these LoFi tracks.