Zhandermusic [Collab Album?]

Hey all! Im doing a big collaboration album! If you are interested in joining, please contact me on Discord: Zhander#0001, or you can simply send me a message! Im looking for new people to collaborate with, so if you have a project, you can send it my way! Here are the current people featured:
Arkimo/Dylan Jones
Ben Vacca
Broken Souls

Lets expand this list! Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. If you wanna remix any of my songs, let me know, im throwing a little EP on too :slight_smile:


wait im remixing a song? oops I must’ve forgot :rofl: please send me a song so I can remixxxxx

Our collab is in the album lolol, but if u wanna remix u can pick one of my auxy songs

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so it’s like a big collab album? Can you explain more on how this process goes?

Im so down but I don’t have Auxy anymore I use FL now so Idk how that would fully work exactly

Zhander uses fl too

Hey! add me on discord and i’ll explain in more detail Zhander#0001

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We can discuss plug-in limitations and stuff: Discord

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Ok I’m adding you :)).

I want to participate in the collab too what genre do you make?