Zeneko- Du Froid [Lowfi/Trip Hop]

Man am I on a roll this weekend lol

Anyways the kitty boi (AKA Zeneko, AKA just me lol) has made another song: https://soundcloud.com/lextunes/zeneko-du-froid

I made this one after getting a huge spike in inspiration. I personally love how it turned out!

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I personally don’t think this is lofi, in fact I’m not actually sure what sure what genre it is. maybe breaks? Nonetheless though i like it’s originality as I haven’t heard anything quite like it. I like how minimalistic and simple it is.
As for areas for improvement I’d say there’s probably a lack of bass.
Overall though good job, I’m impressed!

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At the time I didn’t feel like there needed to be much of a bass, but now that I think about it bass does improve a song. Then again, this song is supposed to be minimalistic. But yeah, maybe it is breaks, I have a thing for them lol.