YT/Sc promo channels

Does anyone know any channels like this I can submit to?

Like what?

YT promo channels

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are you going for bigger promo channels or looking to start smaller?

Idk, I mean I follow a small few channels, but I’m prob not the guy to ask lol

oh boy here we go again


I want to start small and climb up

No point starting too small. After all, you’re looking to get reach, right?

Also, nothing stopping you submitting to big and small channels.

If I submit to mr Suicide sheep there’s a 1% chance I won’t get accepted

you mean WILL?

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no. i think he’s got it right lol.

But either way, there’s still no harm in trying. They won’t resent you for it and most labels/promo channels encourage people to submit something. never kno until you try

Are you saying that, if @HELIXX submits to MrSuicideSheep, it’s all but guaranteed to get played?

If only it was that easy. MrSuicideSheep, like all those big YT promo/tastemaker channels, must receive hundreds of submissions each week, yet only promos a handful.

You can probably improve the odds by submitting to genre-specific channels, but the odds are still gonna be slim. (I still reckon pure Auxy stuff is going to sound a bit ‘under-produced’ compared to the stuff it’s competing against for attention, making it even harder to get promoted. But, that’s just my opinion.)

Still, you absolutely should submit your track to places.
Just be sure to have realistic expectations. If people consider gettinged an Auxy SC repost is hard, then…

This is where being on a label can likely help. They’ll often give a track/artist more credibility and may already have a level of trust amongst some promo channels, making a submission from them more likely to get their attention or promoted.

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Lol that part was a joke.

But for the rest you’re still right.

Tbh, I would love to try and get a track on a repost channel, but I want to first work on my sound and improve my tracks as well as figure out the kind of music I want to make.
Luckily I think I’m starting to find a groove with my tracks and some sort of pattern.

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