Yozy's Extra Tracks

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These are extras that I made for fun, my discontinued tracks, or anything I made that was never given a core purpose.

We Are The Champions Melody Remix
Made in 5 minutes, when my friends were talking about the original song.

A track that was discontinued and eventually evolved into one of my favorite tracks, Electric Heights.

The Land of Boggs
A recreation of one of the melodies used in The Land of Boggs shorts (made without affiliation).

Spray Factory
A fun little track I made during my first period one day. It mainly uses the instrument “Spray”, hence the name.

Sci-Fi Facility
The track was later remastered as Sci-Fi Center and used in Flash Flood 2’s OST. It was a track I made for fun that I made while having Flash Flood 2 in mind, but never intended to make a map for it. I did make a FF2 map for the track after it was remastered.