Youtube Channel for my Music

Created a new Youtube Channel to upload just my music.
At the moment, I have 6 Auxy Tracks up and plan to keep putting out the ones I’ve already made in the next few days/weeks (because rendering 108060fps takes FOREVER).

I’ll be separating them into Auxy, Garageband, and eventually Ableton playlists.

I think it’ll be good to start something dedicated to music, and if i keep a consistent upload schedule, it should also help get me known a bit more outside the community. I’d recommend to everyone here to try and branch out of the disco and soundcloud a bit more for the same reason.

Also I’ll add any of you guys that have youtube channels that u post on in the little featured channel box. Just note down a link to u or something.

EDIT: I think for the music that I currently have, I’m going to be having a schedule of one track every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just to save me on the amount of time sitting waiting for renders


Why not just upload the audio with a static image?

you gonna tell me that watching a static image for 3mins is more interesting and engaging than a still one? Not to rip on anyone who does that, but i feel like it shows that some more effort went into the upload than just throwing up a still.

(plus i already bought the plugin so u bet imma use that to it’s fullest)

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Unless it’s an actual music video, I’m not sure I’d be watching it at all…

No biggie… Just wondering if it’s actually worth your time?

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I feel like it is.
If you look at a lot of the bigger promo channels or even labels on youtube, they all have some kind of visualizer to accompany the music. And people even complain when that changes lol, so i feel like it can add to a channel.

BUT yeah, everyone’s got preferences and that’s mine

I feel ya. Same goes for me! I want my music to have a visualizer instead of a still image!

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Sounds awesome :+1:. I’ll take a look :grin:

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What programs do use for your visuals ?

Final Cut Pro with a visualizer plugin

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Nice videos! I love the design.