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Because youtube now requires you to categorize your music either as ‘for kids’ or ‘not for kids’
by which they mean ‘only kids can see’ or ‘kids should never see this’, which is really exclusive and is causing me a dilemma: I believe that anyone is able to enjoy music, but I can only let certain people view it. I have been categorizing it under ‘not for kids’ for now, so my stuff will actually show up on the site but I’m wondering which one it should really go under.

Their phrasing on this is a little weird. If it’s labeled as for kids it alters the type of ads and monetization you can have, I believe. I’m no expert on this, I’ve uploaded a few videos on my channel and a couple on my sons, since I don’t use profanity, or have anything adult themed going on I’ve just said it’s cool for kids.

I would probably google this though and see what they say to get a better understanding, I’m sure they have a good write up about it

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from what I’ve seen if you mark it as for kids it gets taken off the site and moved straight to youtube kids, where no one will see it

If forced to choose, why wouldn’t you immediately opt for the audience most likely to listen to your music, follow you as an artist, and potential pay to stream, go to a gig or buy merch? i.e. teenagers, young adults and older.

No brainer, imo.

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Unfortunately I’m not exactly sure who this might be, as I’m relatively new.

I wish I didn’t have to choose one or the other. Thanks for the input, I think you’re right. I’ll keep doing what I have been doing.

Your gut should probably be telling you to go for the group that doesn’t include 4 year olds.

(You’d instinctively know if your music was meant to appeal to kids, toddlers and babies.
It’s a legit field of music, probably even quite lucrative. But it’s not really something you do by accident — unless you’re a kid, toddler or baby.)


This helps I think, had a quick minute to look and was curious:

In a nutshell, you probably should be marking these as NOT for kids (and I should have done the same for the few things I uploaded, but whatever). The stuff my son makes is most definitely FOR KIDS.

Hot take:

"When deciding whether or not your channel or video is made for kids, you should consider various factors, including:

  • Subject matter of the video (e.g. educational content for preschoolers).
  • Whether children are your intended audience (e.g. as indicated in your video metadata) or the actual audience for the video.
  • Whether the video includes child actors or models.
  • Whether the video includes characters, celebrities, or toys that appeal to children, including animated characters or cartoon figures.
  • Whether the language of the video is intended for children to understand.
  • Whether the video includes activities that appeal to children, such as play-acting, simple songs or games, or early education.
  • Whether the video includes songs, stories, or poems for children.
  • Any other information you may have to help determine your video’s audience, like empirical evidence of the video’s audience.
  • Whether the content is advertised to children.

Just because your content may include some of these factors does not automatically mean it’s made for kids. You should carefully consider who you’re trying to reach with your videos as you evaluate your content and the factors above. See below for more information on content that is not made for kids."

Got it. Thanks!

There’s really no reason to mark your stuff as “for kids”. It’s really misleading.

Also if you do that, YT won’t push your video in recommended sections n stuff so your vid pretty much just dies.

It’s because of the whole COPPA thing and how YouTube was accused of marketing and collection data on kids (because that’s how the YouTube recommendation system works). So when you select “is for kids” it takes your video out of their algorithm (and also affects how ad’s work if you have a big enough channel)

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You also can’t comment on videos “for kids”