Your Samples, One Track [Self Challenge] (NOW ACCEPTING SAMPLES)


So are we submitting loops, kits, or both?


You can send kits, but it should be in the format of a “sample” (also i dont have the sub so that too). You could do a whole drum loop for me to use, or you could simply just do a single hit every 4 bars and make them individual samples.

idk if you’ve ever DL’ed a sample pack with drums, but at least with cymatics, you usually get a premade drum loop and another folder with all the individual drum samples from that loop


a lot of sample packs and drum kits don’t have a lot of loops unless they’re the really generic ones like cymatics tbh


i have so many great samples and drums you could use, i’m excited to send them over


from my experience, most of the ones i get that have drum samples do have loops (not just the cymatics ones)

But regardless, excited to hear what you and everyone else will be tossing into this salad of a track


Mildly concerned because most sample packs do not allow you to send them to other people. Are you allowed to do this?


sample packs are royalty free so nobody will really care if he uses the samples… also i got most of them by people sending them to me so it doesn’t really matter


Just because a rule/policy isn’t enforced doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter :\ it’s like saying that j-walking is ok because you won’t get in trouble for it usually.


i know but i mean i won’t get caught soooooo it doesn’t matter… i’m not saying it’s right, i’m just saying it’s not a big deal


Should I DM you or post the samples here?


Dm. Just to keep the thread cleaner (should note that in the post)


I’m going to extend the sample submission time for another week because I’ve only had one person submit anything to me so far.

(Thanks @Jax)


Bumping this again


I can send you another if you’d like…:wink:


this is a great pack to use


Thanks. Looks really nice.


I mean, if you want to. the more the better


I’m not able to do a submission at this moment, but I’ll try to get something in tomorrow if that’s ok. If I remember.


That’s fine