Your Samples, One Track [Self Challenge] (NOW ACCEPTING SAMPLES)


OK, so I have an interesting idea for a track, but I want to have community involvement. Similar to Andrew Huang’s community sample type vids, i want to try and do something like that, but have everything such as samples, bpm, and key provided by everyone here.

So i’ll start with some polls for bpm ranges and key. Top picks for those will be set key and bpm range for the track.

Then I will start accepting samples/sounds from everyone. You can submit anything from a single note with a whole lot of automation to a drum fill or a chord progression or even some third party sample (I’ll limit those to no longer than 10 seconds just to help keep things neat)

I’ll be arranging everything in Ableton (because im learning it and also so im not trying to manage a million project files), but again, it would all be made of sounds from the community/ you guys.


  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • A
  • B

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  • Sharp
  • Flat
  • Neither

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  • Major
  • Minor

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  • 60-80
  • 80-100
  • 100-120
  • 120-140
  • 140-160
  • 160-180
  • 180-200
  • 200+

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Will prob close the polls saturday or sunday

EDIT: Now accepting Samples:


What version of Ableton you have?




Intro, Standard, or Suite




Nice. I also have suite and it’s way better than standard.


lol well yeah i’d hope it’d be better than standard given the price tag

but also nice.


So is this another mega collab? If so, count me in


yes and no. It’s a collab in the sense that the community is collaborating for all the groundwork/ basis for the track (samples, instruments, key, bpm etc), but I would be the one to actually use the samples for a track.

It’s like everyone’s making a sample pack that I use for a track.

I’d be more than happy to link people if they contribute a sound or something tho if that’s what ur looking for.


I’ll help in any way I can


i have about 400 GB of sample packs downloaded on my computer, i could provide enough samples for an entire album


prob more for like 3 or 4 full LP’s


Looks like I’m not the only one who likes E Flat Minor… I seem to write a lot of tracks in it. Honestly I write lots of songs in all keys, but I feel like I notice a lot of E flat minor.


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That key is my favorite one.
finally someone who likes e flat minor!


“Yay eminor alright!!”

Image result for yay e minor


yeah I wish I had that money


I still don’t have money lol. I bought it from some dude off eBay.


I’m gonna close the votes at the end of day (west coast time)



The track will be in E-flat Minor and be between 120-140bpm.

You may now start submitting samples from kicks and fills to chords and melodies. I will stop accepting samples Sunday

Submit all samples n stuff via dm