Your Auxy confessions


There’s to many people to remember what istrument


You responded to me with this.


lets go to pms


Welcome :smiley:




Nah man, 7 Skies is where it’s at! :o I use the crap out of Pepper.


Try offloading the app. All it does is release space, but it should fix it after reinstalling. I’ve had this happen to me before, and that’s literally all I did.


Actually, if you haven’t updated your software, it won’t work well. Mine just reacted like yours, and all I really had to do was give my phone a software update.


I can see wubz


What, like you can picture songs that would sound better if they had a certain pattern of wubs in it?


Ya, and umm well it hard to explain but like when (if any of this makes sense) at the height of the wub (what I mean by that is the least low pass and it’s the loudest part of the singular wub) it’s like tall and then at the low part of the wub it’s seen to me as short like how the low pass looks when you make the wubs like this

On the screen

What it look like up in my head


If any of that makes sense


It does


Oh phew. I thought I was talking batshiz for a second there


what’s a beta invite?


It’s an invite given to certain people to test something before it’s actually released, or the beta.


An TestFlight invite to test out Auxy 4.0 back before it was released


I remix video game songs



I wasn’t lying when I said I enjoyed remaking Japanese songs. Now, here I am, showing you all another one, called Time To Love by October (my remake, just to be clear…)


I almost always start my songs with a (C, relative key) minor, (F) major 7, or (C) major 7 chord.