Your Auxy confessions


Here is my confession.

I don’t like EDM.
To be honest, I hate it.
Those repetitive faster and faster percussion phrases (if that’s a correct name) and all those rising pitches (again: is that a correct naming?) irritate me. You can hear it in every EDM track. All the same and awful.

Don’t be mad at me if you’re a fan of EDM. It doesn’t mean I dislike you :slight_smile:


Maybe Auxy isn’t the right app for you then. :sweat_smile:

Yes, I am aware that you can create music in Auxy that isn’t EDM. :L


It’s funny, because I liked Auxy so much that I can’t switch to other apps and still I don’t make EDM.


Haha. It’s hard to find such an easy to use app like Auxy with such high quality premade sounds, I agree. What music do you produce if you stay away from EDM?

EDIT: Autocorrect -.-


I’m not sure how to categorize my music. I call it just “electronic music” :slight_smile:
You can listen to it here.


Fwiw, I don’t use Medly, but I’m also not part of whatever “we” you’re talking about.

@CNCRDIA, please know that some here aren’t so tribal. :wink:


Medly took the same settings icon

…or maybe they took if from the logo for Swedish synth company, Teenage Engineering, too, just like Lenberg.



My Auxy confession is I’m getting tired of hearing Auxy-made music.

(It’s only because I can see beyond the ‘Auxy version’, that I can still enjoy my own.)


I’d say Retrowave…


Yes, I remember it.
In that case I have to start using blue and violet colors in artworks :wink:


Kinda doubt it seeing as they took a lot of other Auxy stuff in the same update.

Gotta love the signature akabillposters wink emoji. :wink:


ban the wink emoji


The point I was making was that Auxy also took the icon from somewhere else.

I looked at the list of so-called ‘taken’ features and most seem quite expected for apps such as these.

(But, anyway, this isn’t that thread, so I’ll drop it now.)


Auxy has stopped working for me i deleted all my projects and and now when I tried to open a new one the screen stays black and I dopant do anything the app has straight up stopped functioning and nothing I do fixes it someone help I’ve put a lot of money into this app


Heres some music I’ve been playing recently


Wow, that seems annoying to play.


I enjoy it, but it is difficult


I’m 1st trumpet on 1812 overture :/. I have about 6 high B’s that are half notes i n a r o w


I still play fairly easy music and the highest I have to go is to a high G. But if you practice it enough, it becomes easy to play. So keep practicing it.


What instrument?


Didn’t you know I’m trumpet?