Your Auxy confessions


In reality, I usually never see Gb’s.




don’t get me wrong I love F# minor and stuff. But a knee jerk reaction nonetheless xDD


And it’s true. Gb’s are highly uncommon. Especially in older music.


I confess that I am the person who suggested/requested high pass in an update. Which they added in the transitions update. (I don’t know if I was the only one who suggested/requested that)


Look at all these beautiful accidentals!

It looks so confusing, but actually really simple. I’m a trumpet btw.


That’s a saxophone part isn’t it? Sharps don’t make saxophonists go crazy. I should know xD




OH BOY WAS I WRONG xD welp, trumpets are keyed in Bb so an F# and a C# ain’t so bad. Anything beyond that is entering into the territory of fear.


It’s a jazz piece. Sometimes jazz music is written in a really weird font. Here’s an example:


I have some fond memories with that goofy font


omg watermellon man we used to play that at pep band! That’s such a throwback to like me 7 years ago! Wow… that was a long time ago xD


The fake books! And Real Book, for that matter. Oh my goodness. I love those so much.


I consciously use only variant of an instrument, such as Avenue when it comes to the Vintage Keys. Trying to correct that.


Give Suitcase a try if you’re using Avenue a bunch. It makes dope chords.




Hey! I’m a trumpet player too! :smiley:


hello there fellow tuba player


Ya boi is lead trumpet too


I confess to using AP-007 in every one of my tracks, and I will continue to do so.