Your Auxy confessions


You mean not enough




You can never go wrong with more Thrashie


lol yeh


I know what you mean, because I’ve felt the same way, but so has everyone else.
Even the biggest producers in the world.
So if you keep making music, you will keep improving.

But age has nothing to do with skill:
@Phoenix is 13 I think and he’s amazing
(Listen to trap Id, it’s probably the best dubstep I’ve heard from auxy, and he’s 13…)


Always good to see another member of the
Z O N E ™


I must confess

euphoric memories is garbage (sry)


Is someone getting the best the best the best the best of you?

dont mind me old jokes die hard for me


ive got a confession to make

closed #339


Before things just start getting really weird(er) here…