Your Auxy confessions


When I quickly make a beat I often forget to switch up the key and end up making a whole lot of beats in G. Then I feel bad that about it so I switch the key but then it doesn’t sound as good lol.




For me
C is yellow
C# is blue
D is orange
Eb is green
E is blue
F# is red
G is green
Ab is pink
A is orange
Bb is blue
B is red


should i say samples? xD


C is blue for me. Sometimes it’s red. Most of the time, it’s black. It really depends on which font colour I’m using.


Thats really not something i can do. Neither numbers nor keys get me to think of certain colors.


Would like to change that statement, I listen to non-Auxian stuff literally all the time now


Join the club


Interesting, personally I see most letters in black.




No shame. Same.


I have binary and nonbinary genders assigned to numbers for some reason. Just always have





I’m also pretty young and I’ve got songs I made with the starter pack. Check this out to see how they went
Or most of this


Just recently got premium and love it


I currently play trombone for my high school ba nd and I can vouch for that


too many teasers


I can honestly say same to that. Im 16 and have been using Auxy going on nine months and yeah I’ve improved but I still feel inadequate


My first track was September of 2017. Wow. Close


I get little moments well despite not being full synesthete