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Although I listen to a lot of dubstep, I find myself leaning closer to orchestral EDM. And now that we have strings I feel like I’ll lean closer than before. And since I don’t have the subscription, and I don’t think I’ll ever soon, I’ll end up bugging a whole lotta people to make orchestral EDM.

That’s my problem. I bug way to much people to make stuff for me. Sometimes it would be based off of my own ideas, but since I can’t do anything, I’m never supposed to get much credit for it


I can totally relate. I started auxy when I was 10, thought I was trash because, like most “I wanna be this it looks so easy” kids, I only got auxy because I wanted to make the kind of dubstep and edm you see by people with hundreds of thousands of followers. I tried by randomly placing notes, listened to it, and it was at this point I realised how hard it actually was to make something decent. I’m 12 now and my stuff is still horrible, but I’m still better than I used to be. Never say you can’t be good. I get down every day from looking at my auxy peers’s amazing work, but then I tell myself, 1. Mr Mooo you are being selfish and stroppy you can’t just hate someone’s music because it is better than yours they actually tried and worked hard to make this so why don’t you, and 2. One day, your music will be as good as this. The positive me has made me want to keep on going and never give up. Sorry if this sounds cringy by just keep on making, and you will learn more and your music will one day be as good as some of those top auxians.



It’s true though, I have these same feelings.

Just remember, and this goes for everyone, to not give up. Go beyond Auxy, it’s a small community and there’s so much more for you out there.


Dude just the fact that you were composing songs at age 10, puts you miles ahead of other kids… :+1:


I wasn’t really composing. I stopped for a year. My first track was made in August 2017


Well 11 or 12 is still really impressive, too!


Huh, we started around the same time.


i still don’t know the instruments @anechoik used in his song koi. oof


I think a bunch of the effects were made using the Ocean instrument in AP-007




Is there anyone, besides himself, who does?


I still confess that I still don’t listen to enough music on SC or the people I love so much xD Sorry guys I just don’t usually deviate from my phone for listening music. I watch too much videos x3


I have that too, but it’s with every 10 so like 1-10 is white, 11-20 is black, 21-30 is white again, 31-40 is red, 41-50 is white yet again, 51-60 is maroon, 61-70 is very dark blue, 71-80 is yellow, 81-90 is a brighter red, and 91-100 is, yet again, white.


do we all do this? i always though it was just me

1 blue
2 blue
3 orange
4 green
5 yellow
6 orange
7 maroon
8 blue
9 yellow
10 red
11 grey
12 red
13 green
14 green
15 yellow
16 orange
17 maroon
18 blue
19 yellow
20 maroon
i’ll stop there.


For me:
C is dark blue
C# is white
D is orange
Eb is cyan
E is blue
F# is dark green
G is green
Ab is red
A is orange
Bb is cyan
B is blue


Where them non-synesthetes at?


Heheheh. I’m not. Though sometimes I get random little moments that are kinda like it - I feel like they happen more when I’m tired. Sometimes certain words can start to appear in a certain color (it’s usually consistent as far as I can tell) but it’s uncommon.


here :v:t3: I feel stupid reading those posts lol