Your Auxy confessions


Thanks dude. I just gave you a follow and SC and listened to a few of your tracks. You’re amazing man, I could never amount to that level of skill :slight_smile:


Aw thanks so much <3. I just mess around by placing random notes and build off of that haha.




I’m scared of @aUstin_Haga @lenberg and @blackocean

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They don’t bite.


Fam how else would I eat tho


But like actual humans? No. I’m on a diet.


If I’m listening to an electronic song that I’ve never heard before and I hear lyrics within the first 20-30 seconds of the song, I’m going to the next song faster than what should be physically possible. (Almost no exceptions)

Edit: rapping not included


Are you new here?


Hey dude I know how you feel! I think the trick to learning is to really be critical and objective to your own music( as well as getting constructive feedback). I make a track at first and I think dude this is awesome! Then later I listen to it and I’m like, dude this is not awesome! My process is to go into my music and really find the things I don’t like, things that could be better, then go to somebody who’s been successful and try to learn from them and use their tricks to improve your music. It could be a top producer in the Auxy community, such as DeCruz or Austin Haga, but it could also be somebody who’s really successful and it’s their career, like Virtual Riot. I think listening to music is very helpful if you actively listen and really try to analyze - what is happening here. Some things I do is to try to pick out certain instruments or try to find all the individual parts in a part of a song.
I’m not sure all this is helpful but hopefully it is! Just don’t give up and keep going at it!


I know exactly how you feel, and I agree with Trey. Trust me, of all people, I know what it’s like to feel judged and like your music isn’t good enough because you’re young. (i’m hecka young xD) And let me tell you: that couldn’t be more false. Your age has nothing to do with your music!

Just keep producing, practicing, and listening. Be active in the community and get feedback from others! Before you know it you’ll be improving so much. :slight_smile:


cuz u the big boiz


ahhhhh ok



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Ouch to all the vocal Auxy artists xD


Yep I’m new to the actual community as of yesterday


I feel you dude. I’ve been a fan of electronic music since I was around 9, but weirdly enough I only reallly tend to listen to Dubstep/Riddim despite me making EDM most of the time lol. Maybe I should start listening to more EDM producers like Austin Haga to kinda analyse if ya catch my drift


Thank you man, this has helped me loads :smile:


What kind of response were you expecting to get?