Your Auxy confessions


Just like me!

Just not the dad problem…


Being critical of your own work isn’t an issue, that’s a gift. Use that as your drive to improve yourself, it’s better to be critical than to be overconfident.


But it’s not a gift for me. In fact, I’m so overcritical, that if I can’t find what I want out of a sound, I’ll eithe delete the song entirely or give it away to someone to remix it and take half the credit for coming up with the idea.

Also, I will tend to do that to remixers from time to time. (Please don’t kill me, @Fokkses…)


I’m not too far along with music, so I’m probably not the best person to give advice. All I have to say is this : It’s likely that nobody else listening to your music has the same thoughts that you do. I’ve done the same thing as you many times before, and I’ll probably do so many times in the future, but there’s a balance to be struck between criticism and acknowledging that “Yes, this is something that I made and I enjoy it.”

It’s a difficult thing to attain, and I can’t do it for you, but if you get into the habit of finishing EVERY project you start (I cannot stress how important this is) you will eventually break through and produce a track you can be satisfied with. For every track I release, there are 4-5 more that don’t make the cut. Music takes time, both to learn and to grow comfortable with. Just go with the flow, finish what you start, and I promise you’ll improve to the point where your current criticisms become irrelevant.


If you need any feedback on tracks you have in the works, drop me a DM. I know from experience how uncomfortable releasing a song can be when you don’t have confidence in it. Hopefully I can put those fears to rest.


Confession session

Most, if not all of my projects are super messy. I have unused melodies, chords, and automations for every instrument and deleting the ones I don’t use stresses me out, because I worry ill delete something important by accident. Suuuuuuuper messy and unorganized ://


When I’ve reached the end of a production, I try to create a ‘clean master’ of the Auxy project, manually cleaning out unused instruments, loops and automations.
But, I always save a copy of the project file first, prior to any clean up. (I like to keep my own backup/archive of finished and key current project files, separate to Auxy’s backup folder in iCloud.)

(Note: Having an easy/automated way to remove unused instruments, loops and automations in a project is on Lenberg’s radar.)


Yeahhh, I make a copy as well


How do you save a copy of a project?


Slide left and tap “duplicate”


All of my songs are trash.


Once I didn’t know how to chord


I pan my drums in position of where each drum is on a kit


THAT is slick, I never thought of that. Relative to the listener? Or player?


Oh i never thought of that before. i have been panning it to the player and not the listener


I don’t use bass… probably should fix that


I first started using Auxy when I was 12 years old. I’m 14 now and have been using it daily since then, however I feel as if I’ve made little to no progress due to pressures of other artists excelling in the same platform. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just the fact that I’m at a young age, or that I lack any form of skill required to make a song sound ‘good’ at all.


I haven’t used auxy in almost a month.


Dude do not worry about your age. Im 14 aswell and there are plenty of great Auxy artists in here that are younger than us.

Just make music that you like and dont worry if other people think its bad. If they do, force them to give you give constructive criticism. Without it you cant really get better.


Yeah, not many people just have natural “talent.”