Your Auxy confessions


Behind ‘exotic’


Sometimes I re-create auxy tracks I like just so I can listen to the rhythm offline anywhere.


So do I, but I’m used to an iPad.


I…I…I make…Fu-fu…futurebass! There. I said it. Feels good to get that off my chest.



*happy trap


Reason #214 why I like this forum:

that back and forth between @Produk and @TheRealJFalc


The only non-auxy person I follow is Tobu so I guess I can relate. :slightly_smiling_face:


You guys are funny. I don’t know how either of you decided to choose your name so yeah…


Congrats. I’m proud of yu. :clap::clap::clap::ok_hand:


OMG, RIP!!! How could you?!


Oh boy xD you should have seen when @NEWNAMES and @Produk used to go at it. That was gold xD


For sure! I haven’t seen @NEWNAMES in awhile.


He’s left the forum unfortunately, personal reasons. But hey you got me to banter with produk ;3


I am trying. To learn de wey :man_student:t3:


Confession: Taking a break from Disco just made me think about it more. (I’m not even sure how that was physically possible)


Actually, that makes a lot of sense. Using the disco could be compared to a bad habit, for example: thinking about cigarettes more when not smoking.


Yeah, it made me realize that I had a bit of an obsession. The break was good tho.


I am so old, I don’t hang out much at all.


I confess that I only make songs in the G key. I also confess that all of my songs that I post must be remixed by @Fokkses first. Not just because I want them remixed but because he will choose to remix them for me.


well, whenever a song i make starts to sound bad, instead of fixing it, i just give up and make a new one.

you guys should see how many unfinished projects i have

also my dad tells me i’m very critical of my own projects so that’s also a problem