Your Auxy confessions


I’m sorry Artichoke ANECHOIK


Also, I will often lose all of my progress, which is later replaced by other projects that I made and deleted. Just now, I got my Data back, and all of the songs I originally had were replaced with an entire set of music I thought I lost about a year ago.


you don’t listen to me


I’m sorry D: I don’t like future bass extensively! I need to broaden my listening habbits though and i’ll give you a listen bro


your auxy confessions

its ok bro

i forgiv yu


I like headphones recommended! It’s cool!


no pls stop


reposted! I love it! <33



stop disco this is a complete sentence
go delete yourself


I am liking the music bro. Your old stuff isn’t future bass and it’s really cool! I’m dead serious here. I’m legitimately envious.


:joy: dont be


Lmao, Imma use this one now


I now have an unhealthy addiction to Noir. On top of my addiction to Pacific. On top of my addiction to Hour.


Sounds like you’ve found your style




@anechoik not much bro. What kind of music do you make? I’m interested in learning what my evil twin’s up to


Uh oh, their both in the same room. Be careful!


it’s creative




that’s gotta be your favorite word