Your Auxy confessions


Everyone in Auxy has a confession, I’m sure. I have one. I, for some reason, like to try and remake catchy Japanese songs and other catchy songs in general. What Auxy confessions do you have?


I barely ever listen to EDM outside of Auxy producers. Even then I barely ever listen to EDM.


I have a really bad habit of using globe with compression as a kick in all of my songs.


I confess that I don’t like using automation to do wubs and stuff. I also confess that I don’t like hearing really popular songs, because they make me feel like utter crap. I also confess that I am very insecure. Sometimes I hate being a Cancer.


I use the same drum pattern in nearly every song. Trying to fix that.


I confess that most of my music is flawed or not enough substance. :worried:


I only listen to Auxian music on SoundCloud (and some of my friends who use FL). Meaning, I don’t follow big people like Zedd or the Chainsmokers. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I only just started using volume to get a good mix




I complain about people hating on Marble but hardly use it


I use Medly…? I saw a few posts about how it was bad but it’s relatively good imo. Then again, I haven’t done any premium purchases, but it’s pretty good.


It’s not safe to confess that 'round these parts…


The reason we don’t like it, as far as I know, is that they stole Auxy’s interface and ideas and then got more popular. Also it’s much lower quality


Although I do have to admit that it is much lower quality sounds than auxy, it didn’t steal auxy’s interface. It actually has its own interface. So I still don’t get what the big deal is. :sweat_smile:


Yeah maybe interface isn’t the right word. But they took some of their features. If you look closely, Medly took the same settings icon


I don’t like medley.


Oh no


My confession is that I never actually listened to any electronic-heavy music before coming on these forums. I suppose if you count Linkin Park and YouTube Meme artists, that was my only exposure to true electronic music. That habit hasn’t really changed since coming on the forums either, which ends up with me being extremely amazed at everyone’s music when I actually do listen to some xD


I hated electronic music before I started using Auxy and now I love it


I’ve deleted and reinstalled Auxy at least seven times over the last year or so. I guess that’s my juiciest admission? Not terribly exciting lol.