You Sad, Bro? - SlowByDesign [Baroque Pop, Classical]

I wouldn’t call this “classical”. It’s more along the lines of Sufjan Stevens - if u know who that is. Regardless, I’ve never made anything like this. Hope ya dig it :+1:t2:

Here’s a direct link to the project


Really well structured. The instrumentation and layering is perfect, imo.

As you say, alt/indie-pop, indie-folk. The high plaintive horns makes me think of Badly Drawn Boy.

Definitely has legs to be a complete song. At just over 2 mins, it wouldn’t be unusual for indie-folk, especially if Sufjan is your point of reference. But, you could likely develop it to 3’ – 3’15", if you wanted.

(Gonna find myself saying this a lot, but… It makes for a great demo instrumental, but would benefit from being rebuilt in a more capable DAW.)


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Love Sufjan Stevens. Great track, I totally agree with ThoughtfulNoise it would benefit so much from things like multisampled instruments, more granular mixing, etc.

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I really had no idea how people would react to something like this.

I’ll have to check out Badly Drawn Boy

But yeah, I really appreciate it!

Yeah, man! Sufjan is one of my all times favs!

Re: Badly Drawn Boy
I’d recommend checking out his first album, The Hour of Bewilderbeast.

You might recognise the parts in the album that made me think of it when listening to your track.
(I revisited the album again a couple days ago. Still an interesting and enjoyable listen.) :+1: