Yo I want to Collab with someone or create a Megacollab

This could be a mega Collab.
Genre ideas
Deep house
Future bass
Or mixture of them and we could make an album out of it haha

Any takers? :thinking:
If you want to Dm me on Instagram @linkage._.official

Bass house😏

Slap house​:joy::joy:

sounds fun :+1:

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Ok bro Message me on Instagram or whatever you have?

Send a project file

Sorry for the delay I’m busy I’ll send it later

Can we do mixed genre? This is my first collab.

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Hey! might wanna check out my discord server, we are actually a music server and I see that you are looking to collab or mega collab, join here (The Summitt) if you’re interested! (we have done multiple megacollabs before so there’s a lot of people hehe)

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Bro! Heck yeah. Here do you have Instagram?

Omg. Yes I’ll check that out. Thanks you so much haha!

I don’t have instagram cuz I’m too young! But trust me I can make very nice music, my dad is a musician called dr nimble. You can check his old stuff out here!

Can someone gimme some loops?

Here is something little https://app.auxy.co/projects/WA5O8kE8s_UObyDzgJRa7g==