Yeah so here’s a thing for bored people

I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not the best producer but I’ll say I’m good. But I’d like to see better people struggle.
So here’s a hard challenge of the week, or whatever

All the chords have to slide into each other other the pitch automation
The melody can only be made from the notes of the chord
The drums have to be distorted in one noticeable way
The bass has to be plucky
And three of the instruments have to be completely panned to one side

Good luck if you try

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I don’t get the first rule, sliding chords? You mean they’ll use pitch automation? Also ngl, the challenge is good, but the jazz chords ruin the fun. Try restricting the rules more. Jazz chords will make the melodies more flexible, thus easier to making it sound good and dynamic. Nevertheless, this would be fun to try, online class hinders tho :((.




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@ThoughtfulNoise @KirkLurkPU bounsa

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Okay I’m in


auxy asmr :flushed:

There are loopholes

Just put them so they don’t have any volume