Y0UNG - SHIF7 [Future Bass, Drums & Bass]


Hey everyone, sorry for disappearing for a while. Being a perfectionist really takes a toll on activity sometimes. But it’s finally done and posted! Y0UNG, a fusion of Future Bass and Drums & Bass is out. Special thanks to both @HAYVN for making such amazing Drums & Bass tracks for inspiring the track and giving some advice as well as @blackocean for his support and advice, especially on the drop and making it heavier. It’s a real treat, so enjoy!


Dude this is great I really like your style! Good job and can’t wait for what’s next.


oooo a new one


Dude this track straight fire. I really love the use of that instrument at the beginning. Is that Bo?

It might be. Bo wubs or something idk

Yo man you got reposted! That’s incredible especially for just your second song! I’m seriously jealous. Also, bo wubs sounds freaking cool, I can’t wait to see how that works!