XN's Summer Media Services

Howdy fellow people of the Disco. It’s definately a bit late into the season, but since it is still summer and I have free time when not at work, I figure I should keep my creativity going other than just music. I’ve also noticed some people looking for video related help.

So I’ve decided to start offering graphic design and music visual services.

I am learning graphic design as part of my major and have been picking up the basics of how to use the Adobe apps, so while i’m no professional, I do at least know how each app functions and how to utilize each. Additionally, I use Final Cut Pro X for video work and use a plugin to make visualizers (1080p, 60fps). I do these visualizers for my own tracks which i have on my YT (somewhat shameless plug) if anyone wants an idea of what i can/have done.

(examples of work i’ve done)

Depending on how many people request stuff, i may or may not be able to do everything in the most timely manner, but I will accommodate as best I can. It will be immensely helpful if i could get as much detail as possible as to what you are looking to get (descriptions, sketches, external sources etc)


ehh ill give this a bump


I don’t have a need for it now, but I probably will one day, book marked this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


You still able to make stuff?

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Yeah sure. what are you looking for?

A chillwave style of a pulsar (a weird star thing)

did u see the pm i sent u about discord btw? just u havent said anything and was wondering if its because of me or ur just busy

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