Xiejra - Recapitulate [IDM?]

So This is the last track before the release on friday, and I will officially be leaving this community. It’s been an amazing time meeting all you guys and you have change my path in music for the better!

Thank you!

https://soundcloud.com/xiejramusic/recapitulate Next track off the album. Worked super hard on this one



Great job man - I will stay in touch on the Tweeter. This is super well structured, that part with the electric piano is soooo good, such a good groove. All the best Xiejra :slight_smile:

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Gutted you’re leaving man love all of your music.

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Well in all fairness he’s not leaving, just moving to a different platform. Make sure you’re following on SC or Twitter!


Thanks for the promo :wink: And also yes I may make the effort to check in once in a while and i’m continuing to make music too