Xiejra - Chains [Ambient]

Hey, I’m back with mt first travk pff my album! This is quite an ild track please keep in mind!


This is super nice, but, how much of this is Auxy? The piano is wayyyyy to nuanced to be Auxy, and the choir sound is light years ahead of Ooh and Ahh lol…

Very much enjoyed though, I like when the pad sound starts getting gated slowly it’s a cool effect. Great job!


Thanks man :slight_smile: all of it is made in Auxy no samples were used. This was made before Auxy 5 I just added in the pads later.

You can have the project if you like :sweat_smile:

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Well… hot damn lol. To my ears this is absolutely incredible.

Even if it was zero % Auxy it was still really nice (I’m not one of those people who is like “Auxy or bust” - believe me) - but the fact that this is 100% Auxy is like framing out a beautiful pencil drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch.

Kudos my man, that is impressive!

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