Xiejra - Berries [Drum and Bass]

Hey, Here is the next release off my album!

Really enjoyed making this one, especially the little bass solo :wink: Excuse the crushedness of the track, that’ll be soundclouds fault!

Anyway enjoy this!




I like it, the hollow sounding synth snare isn’t doing it for me, I can’t help but wonder what this would sound like with a chopped up break beat. But the drum programming, structure and sound selection otherwise are on point I think :slight_smile:

You had me at “drum and bass” and “Xiejra” lol. Also, you’ve got what sounds like some electric piano at the beginning (maybe) and end? Would have definitely liked to hear more of that in the rest of the track. Just my two pence

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It’s awesome


Thanks for the feedback! By electric piano I think you mean the square pad, It’s an effect I like to use to make it sound like it’s reversing n stuff. Just adds some nice textures

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I concure with @iammane about the piano. How much sampling did you use in this always curious on drum and bass and dub tracks because it sounds so cool and wish I could do that and if its just samples I really could and it would just be a sake of crate searching.

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The only samples I used where the 2 main snares at the drop and the kick I think. The rest is all Auxy

Dam! Thats inspirational, still need to learn some tricks I guess. Cool stuff