Xicon (Ekstrak) - Prominence [Melodic DnB]

Uhh, I do not know what description to add other than its melodic dnb and it uses intonations vocals and it’s made entirely with Auxy.

So yeah, hope you enjoy.

Also tried doing something new with the cover art.


It’s very nice - great choice of sounds and elements to weave together, actually a really good use of intonations pack I didn’t know it was that. The amount of breathing room in this track is refreshing, but, you’ve got such a good amount of variation in the drums and lead work that it keeps the whole thing moving along. Double thumbs up from this guy

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Thanks! :+1:

Very good indeed, I usually like more dark dnb but this is so refreshing, reminds me of Hospital records stuff (Fred V & Grafix, Netsky, Camo & Krooked etc.) well done man keep it up.

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I Appreciate it, man!

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