X my life- [Trap] -(need advice/feedback)


This is a beat I’ve only spent 1 day on so far, and I’m kinda stuck, but I still like the beat, so I’d like to ask you guys for your feedback or advice. Please do not steal the song, also on the slow drop I plan on adding gross beat half time on that (Slows Down in a cool way for those people who didn’t know), so don’t worry about that part. Thanks in advance :pray:



Love it. Very chill. The pitch bend on the bass sounds good, and the plucks with the vintage keys is beautiful.
The only things I found unpleasant were the lower notes on Face mixing with the bass (More highpass would do the trick) and the sound on the second drum kit is subtly off beat. Which is cool, if you’re going for that, but my picky brain was slightly bothered.


Overall, I loved the song. :+1:t2: