'Wow! That's Auxy!?' Share track links

Auxy tracks can often sound like, well, ‘Auxy tracks’.
Maybe it’s the available sound packs or sound engine being so familiar, or maybe the mastering ‘feel’, or maybe the popularity of certain genres here has something to do with it.

It’s great to hear tracks that you think really don’t sound like ‘Auxy tracks’ or that used Auxy for surprising genres.

What are the tracks that, if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t recognise as #MadeWithAuxy.

What are the tracks that have pushed further or in different directions…
and made you think…

’That’s Auxy!?'


Literally just stumbled on this. Thought it was interestingly outside of the usual Auxy space…


Production finish and mastering isn’t great, but…
Hints of American minimalist and prog-jazz, with a retro / early '90s IDM / Black Dog production vibe.

Been through some more ‘sketches’ by that creator. I like their musical aesthetic.
Outside what you normally hear with Auxy, imo.