Would Like Help Giving My Music A Genre

Hello there! So I’ve been making stuff but never had a defined genre for my music. Can you guys take a listen to one or two songs and genre them?



Love it, really unique vibes!

I’d put my finger on ‘future house’ for the songs I listened to but there’s probably plenty of better genre names associated with it, so get taggin’!

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If you aren’t explicitly trying to create a specific genre, you can’t expect people to name it for you, it doesn’t work like that. What we can do (and more efficiently, you) is name what you are influnced/ inspired by. People unconsciously recreate things from songs they like. All you have to do is do some research into your playlist or whatever.


Scrubbing through a few of the tracks, “electro” comes to mind, between the big synth leads playing full melodies, the hard snare and the varying tempos.

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Proportions is Progressive House.
Progressive House takes its roots in Trance, which is known for its arps.
This track has a lot of arps, but with a House beat, hence being Progressive House.

Give it Up is weird genre called Happy Hardcore. It’s filled with silly, happy sounds at a fast pace.

Again and Again is just Synth Pop.

Super Fiction is another Synth Pop track.

Lanieka, another Synth Pop song.

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Nah, mate. This doesn’t sound like Don Diablo.

That’s pretty far from Electro.

If you meant Electro, look up Africa Babaataa - Planet Rock.
If you meant Electro House, look up DVBBS - Raveheart.
Electro and Electro House are completely different, and this music is neither of those genres.

Interesting. Thanks for the rundown!

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No problem.

Sure you can - and sure it does.

It’s quite common for makers to create something while being unaware of any genre it might belong to or sit near. There’s often enough knowledge in the group to be able to identify the genre or genres used by the track.

I certainly don’t set out to make a track in a pre-decided genre. Sometimes I end up with something recognisably of a specific genre or with clear genre influences. Sometimes I end up where I’m not sure what genre you’d consider it.
Others are sometimes able to recognise elements and come up with a strong candidate genre or set of genres which are good fits which 8mcan use to better understand (and tag, etc…) the track.