Would it be weird to release two versions of a track?

I’m currently working on a track Oper& (Operand), and I started to work on a second mix of it. The second mix had the same basic tune and everything, with some slight structural changes and it’s in a different key (I changed up some sounds and little tunes too, it’s like a small remix). The second one is more of a ‘dance mix’ if you will. Do you think it would be weird if I released both versions when I finished them?

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Goodness no, artists do that kind of stuff all the time. It’d probably be best to label your second one as a VIP.


Yeah now that I think about it, deadmau5 did something like that recently, two tracks were based off of the same melody, however they were pretty much completely different tracks. I guess it just feels weird because both are very similar in my case?

When artist do that it’s generally called a VIP. They have the original and the altered version released as separate tracks.

Alternatively, you could release them as a Part 1 and Part 2


No, Shania Twain actually has songs that have country, pop, and I believe they called it “world” (it was just more Latin/Hispanic leaning) versions. They were the same songs just different instrumentation, which is pretty awesome and exciting for music loving listeners. Gets us thinking, “why did they make this creative choice? How does this change my outlook on this song?”

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Awesome? Really? That don’t impress me much.



Ahhhhhh hahahahahaaaaaaa oh man, now all these construction dudes on the train are staring at me cause I laughed out loud, literally. Yarf…

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Haha :joy: :raised_hands:t3: Great one lol

imo it would make more sense if one was a piano rendition and one was just the normal track, but you be you

What that would be is a VIP mix. And there’s nothing wrong with a VIP mix. I’ve done it before as well, twice for the same song xD Plenty of big name artists do this, including those in the Auxy community (@Southborne)

I’d say release them a bit spaced out, maybe a month or so. VIP means Variation in production, which means things like different keys, structural workarounds, that sort of thing.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ll kee you posted on what I end up doing! :smiley:

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I guess it depends on how different the composition is. If they’re almost the same, I’d just pick the one I like better to publish. But that’s just me

The term VIP (Variation in Production) was new to me.
(Had to look it up at first.)

At what point would a VIP become a (self-)remix?


I thought it just meant, like, Very Important Project.

I’m sure the criteria for a VIP is loose though

No way! Ever seen The Living Tombstone? He releases a Blue and Red version, and sometimes even a Purple version of the same song. And they’re all cool! You’re you. If you wanna release 2 versions of the same track, go for it!


f n o o f

Yeah, FNAF sequels are like remixes of the same game lol

I have made one album before with 10 songs in it. I’m going to make 2 more albums based on that, one with VIP versions of the songs and another with piano ones