Would it be viable to primarily use Audius?

I’ve been pretty impressed by all the positive feedback Audius has been getting the last couple of weeks. And was considering switching to the platform completely. I understand that this would require me to get my (small) following up again but, I think it’ll be worth it for the increased upload quality and accessibility of the platform.

But I’m still a little conflicted, I want to see your thoughts! :grin:


Probably don’t completely change from SoundCloud to Audius yet.


Yeah, but keep some tracks on Soundcloud as lower quality posts, cus of the lower audio quality.

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short answer:

long answer:
Currently the platform is too new to be trying to use it as your only platform. It’s not fully developed and we still dont know if it’s actually going to take off or not. the platform could still totally flop for all we know, it’s just too early to be jumping ship from Soundcloud to Audius.

The best artists utilize multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. You can use audius, but still keep your music sorted between other platforms. Everyone knows SoundCloud, Spotify, Youtube. No one (currently) knows what Audius is.

Also, other platforms like Soundcloud have better integration with other apps/websites than Audius currently does which makes them more convenient to use for us as producers all the way to listeners.
Ex: you can play an SC track directly in Discord or even have a bot play them. Same with Twitter and other websites can have soundcloud tracks embedded in an article. Cant do that with Audius tracks currently.
Ex 2: You can upload direct to Soundcloud from many DAW’s (including Auxy). Cant do that with Audius and that one is a long ways away from even being something to consider.


Only audiophiles and producers will really care about/notice the lower audio quality. A casual listener generally wont be able to tell the difference.


Yeah I guess I’ll just post on both atm. Until Audius gets more of a name for itself.

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Still I don’t think someone should ever just use one platform. Even if Audius does take off, like @El1011 said, the best way to grow your audience is to manage multiple platforms. If I were still only concerned with SoundCloud, I wouldn’t have grown nearly as much as I currently have this year.


Agree here. Most people I follow (indie and bigger label musicians) have their work on multiple platforms (spotify, apple music, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc etc). It doesn’t really make sense to put all your eggs in one basket, especially since there’s no up front cost for any of these in nearly all cases.


Yeah, maybe I should rephrase the question to, would it be viable to primarily use Audius, with other platforms in the mix :sweat_smile:

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