Worn Down - By William Hale [Project, Colab?, Remixable]


A piano composition I transposed into Auxy. Just thought I’d toss this into the community to see what additions/altercations you guys come up with. Thanks!

What is the key?
It says Ab, but you’re using full scales, so the scale settings don’t apply.

All the notes are in key minus any D notes played.

So, everything in the key of Abm?
Except for Ds.

Yes sir. They’re just used as accent notes. If you really wanted to you could change them back to a Db/C# (whatever Auxy has it labeled as) and it would be 100% in key.

Honestly, whatever you wanted to add, without the loop being in chromatic mode, should sound fine. And if it doesn’t, then just change the D notes for that loop.

Thanks for checking out the track!

Cool, thanks.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

I love it!! I would remix it but I think it’s already great as it is… I could think of something though!

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