Working on a bigger project and would like some feedback

Hey peeps. I know I have not been really active on these forums. I worked on some things silently for a while and just began this year to share it. I am going to be working on some things new and old. I will be learning more about being an artist, a brand, and a community. I would like to get involved locally but have never been involved with anything music related until Auxy, so for that I am thankful. I never imagined myself creating music that I actually liked myself and that is because of Auxy. I would be interested in learning the performance side of music as well. I’ve never played an instrument and would like to learn one day. I’ve always wanted to try Dj-ing as well. I have a lot that I want to learn so I know that it will be a slow process. With that, I will be less active on these forums but will try to keep anyone update if you’re interested. What I would appreciate from you guys is if you could give my album a listen. I would love if you can let me know three things about it.

  1. Which song do you think is the strongest or catchiest.
  2. Which do you think is the weakest?
  3. When listening, how do all or most of the tracks make you feel? (3 words)

Thank you to everyone who ever listened to my tracks! Good luck, have fun!


I’ll leave some comments on your album.

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I appreciate the likes on soundcloud, but would still be interested in hearing your answers to these questions posted here. Thank you though :relaxed:

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