Worked with MR. A

Fun fun fun. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet. We went over chords and did some general writing.


That’s really great.

What screen recorder do you use?

Coool! I might make some tutorials as well, idk xP

IOS 11.


There’s a feature already?

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Cool cool! Love to see Auxy growing

Great job man! Did you record the audio later or did you live record it? @Produk

Before, actually.
Which one did you think it was?

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Great job man.

Oh ok. If I didn’t know any better I probably would’ve just thought you live-recorded it, but since I had been having problems myself getting the live microphone to work in Auxy I was curious if you figured out how to do it.

@Produk great job man I look forward to when you get to the more advanced stuff. But real smooth, easy to follow, great tutorial. Thank you for doing this as I’m sure it will help future users. :pray:

Ha! I watched this intro-level video, not really expecting to learn anything, but learnt two new things.

  1. How to copy selected notes, by tapping elsewhere.
  2. That it’s possible to copy automation shapes too.

Thanks @Produk.


Nicely put together. :+1:

Just wanted to add that all swing is doing is nudging every second (even) sixteenth note slightly.
(can be other divisions, but sixteenth is most common)

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I sort of knew that, I just didn’t have a super good explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep on going with these tutorials! Not that i learn anything (i already knew all these things) but they are good vids! Keep it up!

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@Produk I’m your 300th subscriber :smile:


you guys work great together!