Work around the Instrument - Easy Difficulty

Note: This is an unofficial challenge. None of this will be for a reward or any sort of prize. This is just for fun. Proceed with this warning.

So I came online today, wondering what I had on here. Instead of stuff from me, I see others stuff. I’m thinking,”Man, everyone’s stuff sounds so good! If only I could make work like that.” And then it hit me:
Remixes and Remakes exist. So why not let people remix my stuff to make it sound better?

I have a better idea.

I want to create a series of challenges. Each challenge requires you to work around a given instrument and loop, which cannot be modified or tweaked in any way. There will be different difficulties and categories, but they won’t be for a while. Not unless this gets as big as I want it to.

The first starts with a simple piano tune. Nothing original, nothing fancy, just don’t touch it. Add your own instruments, loops, and edit them all you want, just don’t touch the given instrument loop.

Oh, also, it has to be used in more than 80% of the sample track, or else it’s disqualified.

Hope this is challenging enough! See you in 2 weeks!

(I will also be participating, but I cannot win my own challenge so don’t expect a high bar. I’m also going to be looking here before the two weeks so I can pick beforehand. Cheers!)



A couple of things I don’t want to see given back below:

  1. Below 1 minute.
  2. Less than 7 instruments (Exactly 7 or more is fine).
  3. Sounds like multiple sounds mashed together without any actual work put in.
  4. Untouched instrument and/or loop being tampered with.

If you happen to accidentally tamper with the instrument or the loop and you haven’t added any instruments to the sample, the above link is always there. As long as the finished product doesn’t have that tweak.

(Im basically just listing things I already failed to do, so don’t feel like this is too big a challenge. Just make sure to follow the rules. :+1:)

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Can i turn the piano down just a little bit cause it’s super loud and hits pretty hard

That’s the only exception.

If it’s too loud, then you can change the volume, but anything that could enhance the sound in any way is considered tweaking, and will not be chosen.

Thank you for asking @Kam

So I’m not allowed to add variations on the loop for color- just the same thing? :confused:

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If you want to make a copy of the loop, and tweak that, it’s fine.

I assume that’s what you were asking.

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Just saying but this loop significantly limits what you can do harmony-wise.

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That’s the challenge! You’re limited on what you can do, so the mind has to find out how it should work. Creativity can only go so far, so it’s best to push it by limiting what it can do. I’m no expert, but if you get good with this challenge, your skills should’ve improved some way or another. Think of this as a workout!

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Yeah I kinda agree with Tolberto, could we use a copy of the loop with just the root note of each chord?

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As long as the main loop stays the same in the end.