Words - [Future Bass/EDM] (By XLXK) *collab*

Hey, looking to see if anyone wanted to collab on this track. Its very new so there’s a lot of room for creativity. Anyone with a similar style or want to collab DM or respond to this thread.


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Yeah I’ve kinda turned it into a deep tropical house vibe!


You killed it on that

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This is awesome! Im lovin’ the house vibe you didn’t to it

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i DMd you on insta, but feel like finishing it as a collab?

Hey, I never got a message on insta. My insta is xlxk.artist

I added a little bit more to it. It might not fit. I really do like the house vibe you added tho.

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i dont think the message came to you, iamthechildish is my insta.

also, the melody you did was a cool idea, so i changed the sound to match the vibe and used it as a counter melody

I’m not yet done… but here’s my take.


yo just saying i have finished this song completely and it in the process of being mastered. check your instagram messages.