Woodwinds in Auxy?


Is it possible for Auxy to implement woodwinds into auxy?


yeah, i mean, we have june.


It might come in a later soundpack


I’d think it should be similar to the horn one. I mean, I’d imagine the process of getting woodwinds into Auxy would be similar to how horns got there. Magical unicorn powder sample sets from other sources that get licensed?


They could always talk to the folks at DSK, they have some free royalty-free commercial samples they could use. I’ve checked out their acoustic guitars myself, and they’re quite fantastic. Vaguely familiar, but I can’t quite pin down where I’ve heard them before.

Baring that, they could license some professionally done ones.


I really need a flute lol
edit: McFluty ain’t enough dawg


saaaame, it would be great for lofi


maybe some arabian trap stuff. Ive been wanting to do that for a while.


What about McFluty :laughing:


Hurry, there’s one left in stock! ;3

A real flute would be nice though, of course.


We need a pan flute for tropical house.




ive been suggesting this too much, but im gonna say it again, we need a tropical pack, with more percussion, flutes, and steel drums.


Arabian trap?


I really need steel drums


Yeah I’m gonna try to make a woodland with Layers now one sec


Don’t forget about Vacuum lol. It’s sort of a Clarinet


I tried my best it doesn’t work to well


You seem a bit skeptical about that.


Naw I think it’s super possible I was just being silly :slight_smile: