WIP: Black Node - The Moment You Know (Laid-back Jazz-Fusion, Electronic)

The Moment You Know

Easy, laid-back jazz-fusion track.

Current WIP.
Inspiration struck y’day evening, and this is where things currently stand.

The main structures and motifs are in, but still needs lots of work throughout.


My Black Node stuff is typically more uptempo (145–170), so I may rebuild it as an uptempo track — or make an alt/VIP version that’s more ‘my tempo’ — and keep this as the laid-back version.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Woah dude I love it! I like how you used that string at the start to keep tension and overall a very chill track. Nice

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That sustained string note was a layer later in the piece (a throwback to '70s soul), but I thought it would make a decent intro to kinda set a tension, but then it turns into a different role when the jazz chords come in and reveal the real tonal context.

The whole thing still feels a bit ‘nice’ right now. Lacks/needs an ‘edge’. Something to make it feel a bit more authentic or moody. Not sure it fits into the Black Node body of work in its current form/vibe.