WIP. AKA Clavin - Not Giving Up (Draft) [Chill EDM, Thoughtful Noise]

Haven’t produced anything under the AKA Clavin for a while; it’s for my most EDM, club-oriented material.
Here’s a draft version of a current WIP.

AKA Clavin - Not Giving Up (Draft)


Would really be interested to hear some feedback, bc tbh, EDM’s not really my go-to genre.

Any thoughts on a relevant genres closer than EDM also :+1:


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That is super sick!!! Ngl I love it. One thing I can add is the the synths sound a lil airy!!! This awesome tho!

Thanks, @Pheonix

Which synths are you referring to, and what do you mean by “airy”?

Fun fact… It actually started out as a slow synth-pop track for another of my genres/names, but this is what happens when you stick a 4-4 under something. It gets pulled into a bit of a head bopper. :wink:

I particularly like the drop vibe that kicks in ~4:40.

It would still benefit from adding some of the ear-candy production detailing and transitions that are common in the EDM genre, but that’s not a strength of mine, so I might need to reach out for help on that … :man_shrugging:

Would be great to hear some more feedback and pointers — good or bad —, especially as there are quite a few EDMers here.

The main composition and ideas are there, but the whole thing lacks ear-candy detailing and transitions. Mix levels could probably benefit from some advice from someone with more experience creating in this genre.

Happy to hear feedback or advice on any aspect of it. :+1:

Hmmmb, I think maybe the drums needn’t be so overbearing overall, so maybe drop the level of the kit as a whole and work from there. Also, the thumpy bass you used about halfway through could be used to create a short little bass riff (or a set) through the first half of the track for extra colour. Also what I think the other guy was trying to say was that the intro strings should probably be a little more airy, so maybe putting a little more high pass on them might help with that quality, although maybe tweaking elsewhere might fit the bill better.

This track sounds really nice, and it kinda reminds me in terms of tone of like… Redwood by Speaker of the House, if that’s what you were trying to go for. If I find anything else that jiggles my jowls, I’ll write a note, wrap a brick with it, and very gently toss it in the direction of the nearest window and hope that is yours.

Fr tho this is a good track :heart::heart::heart:

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Thanks, @OIL .
I’ll give those changes a try.

EDM’s not my genre, so I’m coming at it with relatively little proper or recent listening experience and even less production experience. I’ll check out the Speaker of the House track you referenced. (I’m not familiar with the .)

I’m also planning to shave a bit of length off too, from both the first half, pre breakdown, but also from the end drop. I’d like to get it down to ~5:00–5:30 duration. (It’s currently approaching 7 mins.)


I happened to be awake last night (2am, London) when the notification popped up for the start of the Auxy Collective Discord feedback stream. I ended up jumping on and sticking around until 6am.

I’m going to do a bit more work on this one and put it in for some collective feedback there next week, if I remember/manage to stay awake. :wink:

I’ll post an updated link here too.

Thanks again for the input. I appreciate it.