Winter Chill Contest

Hey, this isn’t an official challenge, but Auxy hmu :wink:. Anyways, the challenge is to remix the project link below.
-No longer than 3 Minutes
-Must be within Chill genre, Future Chill, Chill Trap, etc.
-Must use all presets in the project BESIDES DRUM
-Reply on this thread with your finished project/Song

Other Info
-There will be 3 Winners
-End date is 30th Of December
-Announcement Of winners January 1st
-Prize? - Branging rights. Or if someone would like to help and add actual value to the prize :sweat_smile:, Like a :unicorn:.

Any questions? Dm me.

The Project

How much are we allowed to alter the presets?

Just the drums, you can add any other new sound you would like, you can also copy the preset and change it.

So we can’t change any instrument already in the project besides the drums the least bit, but we can copy them and change the copies?

Yea, you have to use the presets tho


I feel like 2 minutes or under is kind of short. Would it be possible to extend it to no longer than 3 minutes, or even just 2 and a half?

Ok @Maland2016

@XLXK My entry’s done, I just keep forgetting to post it. Where do I post it? Do I post a project link or SoundCloud link?

You can post as whatever you’d like, but I’d prefer a soundcloud link.