Why we're replacing the demo sounds


Also I believe you will be able to export after June 1st.


Oh man could you image? Every time you wanna add a instrument you have to watch a 30 second video lol… I mean this kind of stuff is bad enough in games but yeah, yikes, this would be atrocious in any music app lol…


Yeah but at first it was :confused: and now they’re going to lose quite a lot of users


Ok thanks


Would be so annoying :disappointed: but now I can’t use it anymore so never mind :sweat_smile:


This post was all too real. A very well rounded perspective on how hard life can be.

Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, Auxy, Adobe Creative Suite, Amazon Prime, so many things in our world have gone to the subscription based model and all are vying for our attention and our money.

I can hear some say ‘prioritize’ and while there is truth to that, it all adds up, compounded by the reality that we don’t really ‘own’ much of the media we consume or the apps we use to create that media these days.

I worry about the future and what would happen if we lost our data connections, whether it’s through our phones or our router. What do we we truly own?

I digress. Anyhoo, just wanted to say thank you for your perspective. It’s always nice just to have someone acknowledge that finding that balance can be hard.


This sums up exactly the problem that this model of software has. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, the lack of literal ownership means our fate is at the whims of some corporate executive. And that can be a bad thing.


Yeah, not gonna lie, I’m happy I purchased every sound pack I could before the subscription model, as it’s just an extra layer of security for me. I like knowing that I own something, even if that something costs me extra up front.

I wear a G-Shock aviation model watch for the same reason. In this world where everyone uses things that run on batteries that need to be replaced, cell phones to tell the time, screens that can crack etc, I like having the security of knowing that I have something on me that never needs a new battery, is practically indestructible and doesn’t need to be updated to stay current.

I think that subscription models help contribute to the anxiety that our society is experiencing around technology. More and more things are out of our control these days. The feeling that what we ‘own’ can be taken away from us at anytime, gives us this nagging feeling like someday around the corner, the things we love could simply disappear.

I found alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite and others, simply for the very reason that I don’t want to wake up one day with an internet issue and find myself locked out of my life.

All that being said, I am an Auxy subscriber, feel the cost is well worth the value of what I receive and will continue to support both Lenburg and Fredrik.


Theoretically, if I rent my house I won’t feel like it’s going to be taken away anytime soon… what’s your point here?


Technically it could be, in all legal terms as well. Usually I believe at least two week’s notice is required but the actual owners have no obligation to continue providing the house up for rent as they see fit. You are at their mercy and control. Granted, they probably wouldn’t but that’s not the point here.

I only hope that Auxy will be able to meet sustainability levels, so the investment will be worthwhile.


Thanks. The balance is definitely difficult to find. Many of these pieces of software for me can’t truly be replaced due to economics and capability, and I understand the developers of Auxy needing to make the app sustainable. In truth I can’t afford most of the apps you listed, and I’ve had to put the ones I can on hold in my toughest months to pay rent. If I could save up to one time purchase most of the apps I use I would in a heartbeat, as it’s far easier to justify a bigger one time purchase with my budget.
I understand those that ask for others to prioritize. Intuitively it seems like a good option. What it leaves out though is that many of those who struggle economically have to prioritize between rent, food, healthcare, and the art they use to get through it all. It creates an extremely difficult decision for those who face it, and sadly art almost always falls on the wayside.
We are in an unprecedented time for art. Cameras, computers, music software, even some physical supplies are getting cheaper. But as companies seek to find ways to become profitable or even sustainable in an environment where competition has become cutthroat, they (intentionally or unintentionally) leave behind an ever growing population here in the US. Like others of low income status I’ll find a way to make more art (Beepbox is going to be my go to until I get more funds together, it’s awesome and I highly recommend it as a totally different experience from Auxy). We have to ask the hard questions though like you mentioned: what do we actually own of our methods of making art? What of our art itself do we fully own?How will we open up art to all those who need it, without severely restricting them? These are questions not frequently answered, and leave a large population in limbo.
All that being said I don’t want to seem like I’m attacking or ostracizing the devs, as they’ve put a huge amount of work in building the community. The price they’re charging seems fair, and almost underpriced to me. I don’t have the skill (in my own opinion) to utilize to the full extent the tools they provide, but I look forward to when I have the capability to try. The subscription they ask for is far lower than most other artistic and media related software I’ve seen, and the one-year subscription is especially so. Just a little beyond the reach of a few of us right now.


sounded a lot more like you were saying “you’re money-hungry and making bad decisions and just wait till all your dreams crumble at your feet” which isn’t really constructive


If anyone begins attacking anyone, they are going to be silenced. I’m just letting everyone know.

This is for discussion, not for getting personal. Written retaliation / etc is really not necessary, helpful or pertinent to the topic.


sorry it was necessary
my take on the issue is that im glad that this is happening
ok, ok, i have a job, i can pay for it, what can i say, this is biased.
but for the auxy community as a whole, this will be amazing.

track quality will increase tenfold, and it will attract professional musicians because they realize that this is a serious app and not a hobby satisfier. it will give Henrik and Fredrik the monumental exposure they need to develop the app and make it the best it can be.

and while were on the topic, they wont lose money, they wont have “their dreams crumble beneath their feet”, their dreams will be lifted higher than they ever hoped when the app becomes a international phenomenon.

they are not money hungry, they physically cannot continue to develop the app at the rate they want to without having a steady source of income.
the premium subscription is not crappy**, it is necessary.

no need for the aggressiveness, you dont know where they are coming from until you have been in that situation.

Have a nice day :wink:



think of it like this:

do you like auxy?

well, if you want it to be good, and have good features, and good sounds, the devs gotta spend time on it.

time that could be taken up if they had another job.

so they try not to have another job.

well, how can they get money without another job?



in case you *cough*liveunderarock*cough* haven’t seen anything that the devs have said about this –

they tried sound packs but it wasn’t enough. thus, while they didn’t like that auxy was becoming a premium app, it was, well, necessary. (like blackocean said)




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Snickers is owned by Mars.


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