Why we're replacing the demo sounds


Oh man i feel so bad for you…


Well, I guess I could use garageband…

Auxy has been my main use of producing, I honestly don’t know what to do without it.
Although, I can possibly be still in contact with everyone here, on the forum.


@Lenberg will the users who initially paid $5 for the app ever get anything in return for it now that the base app has been free for a while?


Wasn’t that years ago and the app didn’t even look like this at all? Seriously?


I understand why you’re doing this, and I still think Auxy is worth $5 a month, even if that is a little pricey. However, I think having two different apps would be a good idea. Maybe take one of the previous versions or a limited-functionality version of the current Auxy, and market it as a “lite version.” This app would only have the OG sounds and maybe automation. This would help both retain users who are willing to pay for the app itself, and help keep users who would rather continue using a more basic version just for fun.


I completely agree that subscriptions are a much better fit for modern software development, but they are becoming a nightmare for the customer.

I am currently subscribed to dozens of services, across multiple platforms with differing intervals.
It has become an incredible inconvenience to keep track of what, when and how my money is leaving my bank account.

If only there was an app to manage all of this for me.
I’d subscribe to that…


Ok it’s all cool and I’m already subscribing but the problem is , I hate it when I don’t use Auxy for a few days and when I put on the app without internet connection I only have access to the original track so I’ve created through the original sound pad . Now you guys are putting that on the subscription list too so that means if I’m in a deserted area and I’m bored and wanna make something cool I can’t access anything . Please correct me if I’m wrong or give me an alternative . Thank you . You guys are amazing . Oh btw I I would love it if you guys can make some sound packs that are relative to everyday activities like , car engine sounds, voices , water , walking, paper scribbling sound , like doc dre did for Eminem in the song “Stan” you know, stuff like that , those sounds creates an image for the listeners so your track can be self explanatory in collaboration with your lyrics . Hope you get my point . Give me a feed back alright .


Don’t worry, without any kind of data connection I can confirm the projects saved locally to your Auxy folder in the Files app and any sounds you’ve downloaded already are accessible.

The only issue you’ll have away from a data source is if you try to download sounds or if iCloud tries to download a newer copy of a track. Obviously not gonna work without data.

I’ve spent plenty of time falling in and out of service on my commute so I know it still works


Imo, it’s not a good use of subscription money to create a pack containing ~10 random ‘everyday sounds’.
Especially the kind of generic sounds you could probably find easily elsewhere or easily record for yourself.

Much better to spend that revenue on adding a diverse range of high-quality, playable (piano-roll) sounds that are harder to find elsewhere.

…and we can source specific everyday sounds ourselves based on the needs of our tracks.

e.g. 5148 free rain sounds from Freesound.org


(Note: Best to select ‘Creative Commons 0’ license when searching on Freesound, as that equates to Public Domain.)


Makes sense yup indeed I agree with you … :thinking: so your saying I can download those same sounds I mentioned and create a sound pack with it ?


You can get em from some other resource and with a subscription import them into your own sample library within the Auxy folder to use in a drum instrument, yeah


This is a disappointing move. I know this app is trying to profit, but at the cost of half of its audience and the joy this app used to deliver? Faulty, but again, your decisions lay at hand.


And you know this how?
Seems like a mighty big (self-serving) assumption.


Solely by the reactions of the majority.


I’m one of those who reacted.
Do I plan to stop using Auxy? No. Stop subscribing? No?

Do you know it’s actually a majority who are even complaining, let alone stating they’re ditching Auxy?

It’s also worth remembering that this community is a small fraction of Auxy users, and not necessarily representative of them as a whole.


I’m not here to argue or increase your ego, but again, my main point is that Auxy is making a huge swerve here and the app will obviously not be the same as it was in its prime. I’m not individualizing my fellow producers on their opinions, but there is a pretty hefty balance on their perspectives and it’s shaking on both ends.


m8 im not a fan of the taking-away-free-sounds move to try and get more people on the subscription platform either. But for me, it’s not because i think 1/2 the users will stop using Auxy, but because i dont think they’ll rise up the charts as quickly and get as many new users.

I think it will encourage the old/current users to get on the subscription platform because we already know it’s capabilities and have already bought into the app when it was free.
However I dont see many new comers feeling the same way just due to lack of sounds/variability of production with the free sounds. Plus, they’re fresh to the app. They don’t know what it’s capable of and telling someone to throw $5 at a free app because maybe they might enjoy it seems pretty doubtful.

I want Auxy to succeed and i’m glad the devs seem to feel it will too. But i dont think the app is ready to take on the 2 dev’s and their financial needs, not with the user-base they currently have. It needs to grow exponentially but I dont think it will as they continue to take away free users’ abilities to make something new and different.

Again the point i want to make: 1/2 the current users wont leave, but they’ll certainly have a much harder time in getting new ones, especially those who will stick around long enough to pay.


The new demo is sure to inspire new users, and it lines up with more popular music genres

I dont doubt that they will want more sounds, but thats the general strategy behind it
If they play around with the demo and realise hiw catchy it sounds, they’ll try to imitate it in a new project and realise they want more sounds

As I mentioned before, most people i would recommend this to, well they’d spend money without a second thought


That’s sad that Auxy isn’t an “open app” anymore because you have gone from a free and community app to something more “private” and premium so now the ones who just do music casually will not be able to do so. We’ve lost the spirit of the app actually.

Anyway is it possible to still export our old projects after the 1st of June or will it all be deleted because of our non-subscription? So that all what we have done is not lost forever. Or do we need to quickly export everything?


“Open apps” can’t last forever. Unless you want ads, etc… subscription is best way. Auxy isn’t really a casual app anymore