Why we're replacing the demo sounds


Yeah I didn’t wanna say anything but I’m doing just fine loading all my AUv3 instruments, per channel FX (both native and AUv3 also) and controlling it all with my Bluetooth midi controller :man_shrugging:t3:


True. Most people I’ve met don’t go beyond the loops though…


I wonder if offering a premium pack for free during periods of discounted subscription price might be something to consider.

Example: This week only, get free access to Sweet Pads as well as a 5% discount on the yearly subscription.

Idk, could show new users a great quality pack and encourage them to sign up.
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I totally understand you guy’s position and truly hope that the subscription model gives you guys a more steady stream of income to develop Auxy into an even greater tool. I don’t personally believe all software should be free having seen personally what can go into it, and I’m genuinely impressed with what you guys have been able to accomplish thus far. My concerns were more directed towards the individuals you mentioned arguing above. While likely arguing with those who simply don’t want to pay, they addressed everyone who likely isn’t going to pay in the future, which includes individuals such as me. After a review of my budget, I won’t be able to afford the premium subscription for some time, though I intend to get it as soon as I can. I know it likely wasn’t intentional, but the dialog went into a space that as a low income individual I felt I needed to weigh in on. It’s the duty of those in these situations to speak up when others speak in a demeaning manner (which I will note the Auxy Development team has not, you guys have been extremely respectful of the community and your users). I do truly wish the best for Auxy and that it continue into the future, and look forward to when I’ll be able to participate again. You guys have built an amazing app.


Two words:

Bye, y’all!!! :smile:


ngl, a lot of my old tracks used a lot of loops, but i’ve since stopped or at least lowered my loop usage (usually just for some background sound, drop “sound”, or something) just as i’ve grown more into making music and just overall learning how GB works. Though one thing i do use loops for is for making bass lines (which i sub out for a better sounding instrument). I think that that’s at least one thing i like about Auxy over GB is the ability to easily throw down notes and make a melody, chords, or a bass line.

But overall, Garageband is actually a great tool. It’s definitely not as good as something like Abelton, but it’s still really good for what it has (and it’s free for mac users). It’s simple, yet powerful.
I also didn’t know you could actually add VST’s and other 3rd party tools till recently and i think it’s helped a lot too. (because gb apparently doesn’t have a way to side-chain anything)


what were the 2 words?


Great point.


There’s wayyy too much drama in here, it’s okay to be upset but I’d like to think that anyone who’s upset would try their best to stay composed and not blow up on the devs

It’s really freaking simple:

The devs need to sustain the app’s development

(and for anyone who tells them to get jobs, remember that they do Auxy full time, why do you think the app is so incredible)

Come on peopleee


Replacing the sounds? I think you mean Seizing the means of Producing

(Sorry learning about Marx in economics rn lol. Different topic, but the statement could still fit)


“delete Auxy”


Does this mean the original sound pack that the app came with at launch will be premium only? Asking for a friend


I believe yes unless you’ve purchased at least one sound pack in the past. That’s how I understand it. I’ve purchased all packs before subscription and I have all those sounds available, including original pack drums and synths.


I’ve purchased two (AP 003, 006), so what does that mean?


So you should have all the sounds from those two packs plus the original ones, I’m pretty sure. No new sounds, no sounds you didn’t buy and no sample import




I don’t like the subscription because it is not common in Music making software (it is usually “pay once - use unlimited” model) but I understand the developers decision and respect it.

The removal of the already given sounds - be it now or next month or whenever - this I don’t like, and feels like a bad move.


Wow, that sucks man…
If you don’t mind me asking, what’re you going to do after June 1st? I would imagine that you have other DAW apps, correct?


the community doesn’t agree with you


I kinda left it a while ago, yanno that right, imma just let them do what they want now it’s their fault if they lose money I was just giving what I like to call “Harsh Constructive Criticism”

Have a nice day @stereofield