Why we're replacing the demo sounds


yeah, app store/apple in general with $$ is always a B to deal with lol

and yeah, the cite, while seemingly helpful, also leaves out a lot of specificity and just information about them or their data is impossible to find. They are more of a data base, but also you can pay them to help make your app be better seen or something too idk.

But apparently they’re pretty widely used (at least according to the groups they cite)

But unless the devs decide to actually let us know the #'s & breakdowns, it’s all we got for now.

[i cant make any more replies now b/c my internet is about to cut off, but idk what else there really is to say.]


There are many reasons why we’re doing the subscription model. One is simply that Apple doesn’t really allow any upgrade pricing scheme, so then you’re left with pay upfront or subs. We think that pay upfront is a legacy model and not longer fit for modern software development. It was different before when, like any typical product that you buy in a store, software was shipped in a box and rarely updated. That is simply not the case anymore since you expect updates regularly.

I think subscriptions are much better for aligning both risk and incentives between customers and developers. First, you don’t have to pay much upfront to get started using the app. Then, you will only pay for as long as you actually use and get value out of the product. With apps that you pay upfront, you run a risk of paying for something that you end up not using at all. And from the developer perspective, there’s little incentive to update an app that people have already paid for. I.e. developers will focus on bringing in new customers rather than keeping existing users happy.

So in essence, if you make an app that you consider “done” when you ship it, then charging upfront could make sense. But if you’re building something that you want to evolve and maintain for a long time, then a one time pay doesn’t make sense. And I think this is a crucial difference between Auxy and many other apps.


If you look at the landscape of many big software houses they’re doing similar, or at least dabbling. SaaS isn’t such a far fetched idea. Microsoft does it with Office 360, Adobe is doing it with the Creative Cloud. To a degree it’s even happening with Win10 (faster release cycle, license is tied to Microsoft ID if you choose).

Plenty of times I’ve bought software up front, realized it just didn’t fit my workflow and then had to sell my license at a loss. Being able to say “You know, this really working for me” for a few months and then say “Next couple of months I’m going to skip on this because I’m not really using it” is pretty helpful.

I remember back in the day I played Diablo 1 at the WIZ. I’m dating myself now, whatever. And I was like man, this game is great. I wanted it so bad, even the demo version Blizzard charged for, so me and my brother spent one day collecting cans so we could scrounge up the 7 bucks or whatever it was to buy the Diablo demo CD.

I get that not everyone can afford it, their parents won’t pay for it, etc etc a myriad of other reasons. There’s always a way to scrounge up five bucks a month. I literally collected cans for a few hours so I could buy Diablo. If Auxy means that much to someone I’m sure they wouldn’t mind collecting cans for a day either so they could have 30 days of using an app they love.

Of course, if you don’t feel it’s worth it, then no sweat I get that too. Like I said, being able to dip in and out month to month is a nice feature that I’m not ashamed to say I take advantage of.

Anyways, I get it, I look forward to how this app progresses.


Can’t wait! A good step in the right direction!


Sorting the wheat from the chaff, are we? Well, I pay for premium so I don’t have to worry about these decisions being made while I’m sleeping or thinking about where to go next with a track. I will miss how bustling this community was though.


Emailed something in!


I like the way the new version looks, but I don’t like how the free users had their sounds taken away from them. That sounds a bit unfair, to be honest, and without warning as well…but, overall, I like the way it looks, and how the automation loops don’t freeze anymore when I go into Scene mode! Great job, Auxy Devs!!


I agree so much. My beautiful Shade is gone. I cant make future house anymore >n<


Thank you for giving us notice this time around.

I still think there should be more than one premium option, which would help bring in a lot more subscribers. I have been on the fence about premium; I’d love to support Auxy and do more, but I am not as serious (or good) as many producers using this app, and I don’t get a new idea every day. However, in order to support the app and do more, I have to go all in, with the same as a lot of the professionals.

I think it would be perfectly reasonable to have a different tier of premium (maybe it gives you originals and 3 other packs, and you can’t import your own sounds). Then people who, like me, are on the fence because they aren’t super serious about composing right now, would still support the app, and would likely move to full premium some day.

I know it seems like you would lose many from full premium who would downgrade, but I think you would gain more subscribers than you would lose. Plus there would still be quite a bit of incentive to get the full version; importing sounds, more sound packs, and even more incentive as you keep improving the app. You could even add a new aspect of sound to mess with exclusively for full premium, such as cover or a master tempo aspect.

This halfway point would also be a “stepping stone” for many to truly try out the app before moving on to full premium, while still being monetarily beneficial to you.


see, I’m curious about the users who had their sounds taken away…
What happened to your projects? Are you able to edit them? Or are they all locked, like if a sound pack that you didn’t have was used in a track?


They will become locked and unusable if the sounds that aren’t the new demo sounds are used. They cannot be changed, because of the reasoning that it helps featured projects from being copied from and encourages users to upgrade to premium. Meaning, when June 1st hits, any non-demo sounds in projects will render that project pretty much unusable. Which is a bit frustrating but it should give most users ample time to save what they want and change it before the deadline.


Yeah, I guess your right, but it is frustrating that this kinda came out of nowhere…


Agreed. The inability to change locked sounds has been in place since the start of Auxy 5, but there’s only been one featured project since then as well, with plenty of others being removed. So the reasoning seems a bit less stable on the grounds of protecting featured projects, but i’m not the developers, so I can’t say for sure.


Imo, it seems almost a bit rushed, as if though they were forcing this to be new version of Auxy to be released faster than any other version they’ve released.


Well, I have a song in development, but soon, I can’t make it because my sounds would be gone. I can edit it but only until June because I only have free stuff


I also made an account just to respond to this, though I wish I had found this community earlier since it seems really cool. I have a very different perspective than some of the posters that’ll likely get shot down, but I figured I’d add in my voice anyways.

I’m on the fence about the premium model due to financial burden. I’m an engineering student in college whose known several people who develop apps (all games), so I understand how much work goes into making these happen. Auxy has become a far more powerful app then when I first downloaded it 2-3 years ago. In my opinion it really has nothing comparable to it. I absolutely want to support the devs, and I believe the funds are more than worth the features you receive in return. And It’s been two weeks since I could afford to buy groceries.

Music isn’t my only outlet. I’m also a photographer and filmmaker, and have found art to be critical to my capability to mitigate my stress levels with all the difficulties in my life. Poverty is a harsh mistress, and far less black and white than some posters here have made claim to be. Suggesting that individuals like I, who already work hard just to make ends meet and are trying to improve their life, do things like collect cans or get yet another job to afford this app is more than just infeasible in some cases; it’s downright insulting. The poor live with a constant stigma that it’s their fault they can’t move up, and are plagued by bootstrap theory economics. Spreading this idea is demeaning to the poorest users.

Will I buy the premium subscription? Maybe. It’s well worth the cost, and it’s the lowest cost subscription for my art of all the programs I use. Will it hurt my budget? It absolutely will.

I hear often of the democratization of art and music, but this “democratization” has been shrinking in recent years, largely due to subscription models similar to this. The lowest incomes simply can’t afford such an ongoing cost in lieu of all their other expenses. I understand completely why the Devs went with this plan and give them my full support in every way I can, I just wanted to post my perspective on this as I didn’t really hear many voices with the same view.

Sorry for the huge block of text, I’ll get off my soap box now.


Thanks for sharing! Let me just emphasize that we, Auxy, has never claimed or been under the impression that everyone is able to afford the subscription. There does seem to be a lot of people who simply don’t want to pay for apps though, and I think this is the group some people here are arguing with.

Unfortunately we’re guilty of shifting people’s perspective towards “software should be free” since we’ve offered the app for free until now.

I think we’ve taken a big step towards democratizing music tools, even though our initial plan of keeping the basic offering free didn’t turn out to be sustainable. Personally, we’d love to make the app free for everyone, but we obviously live in a world where we have to pay our rents, etc.


Have you heard what people like aUstin Haga Have made with auxy, They make real music, which makes auxy different than a free toy

Also how is auxy becoming like garage band?
They are not even similar.


Auxy encourages and requires creativity. GarageBand requires the ability to find the “Apple Loops” button.


There’s a lot more to GarageBand than just using Apple Loops. It has the ability to connect to other apps through platforms like AudioBus, or alternatively to real synth hardware. It also has a decent collection of built in synths that you can use, as well as a sequencer of sorts, and the ability to record vocals in-app.

Basically, it’s more of a tool for musicians who want to connect it to real instruments or outside apps as suppose to a standalone app. Apple loops are a small portion of that.