Why we're replacing the demo sounds


idk man. They lookin pretty solid lol


If I was to offer you something new and innovative, something one of a kind. Yet in order for you to use it, you’d have to start paying me, immediately. Would you want to go for it or would you want a trial then eventually, pay for it?


I really think this is a great step . I see it as auxy moving from kids playground to an actually competitive production system. And with more sounds and more nuances . I’m sure we’ll see auxy songs on the charts
Big dreams all around. Happy to be with auxy




Dude, if your tryna save 200 bucks, id suggest dropping auxy premium for a little bit. 5 dollars a month will make it feel like you’re not getting anywhere.


When I premium runs out, will all the drums except the two free kits go away?

How would you let people that are considering music apps know that they’d need a subscription to get anything out of the app?


Yes. This has been confirmed before, unfortunately. Including any of the AP’s that weren’t directly purchased. Meaning you could not go back and edit any of your tracks unless you purchased premium again.


I just noticed that Twitch became free again, so it’s actually 3 kits. Saw it on my brother’s iPad.


This small, tight community ≠ entire Auxy user base

I fully expect the actual number of Auxy users to be many times larger than this community.
My guestimation based on a couple of factors and assumptions would be bare sustainability comes at ~3500-4000 paying subscribers.

Of course, the entire user base will likely include several times that in free users.

For instance, it’s likely that most, if not all, of Auxy’s SC channel (non-bot) followers are Auxy users.


It depends on what you’re prioritising from the apps/software you use.

For me, Auxy is all about acting on inspiration, quickly and effectively, whenever and wherever it strikes. Being able to get ideas down quickly and flesh them out to increasingly advanced levels is invaluable to me.

Less friction means I’m more likely to do something.

Without the ability for me to do that sufficiently easily, I likely wouldn’t be engaging with music making to the extent that I am.

I have Ableton Live Suite which, while being many times more powerful than Auxy, gets used a fraction of the time compared to Auxy. I also have a bunch of hardware synths, pedals, etc… which get used even less.
I’ve had Ableton and the synths about the same length of time I’ve been using Auxy… about a year.

It’s all about what Auxy can help me do better than the alternatives.

I expect Ableton and the synths to get more use as my production skills and attention to details develop. But Auxy will likely remain a crucial element in my workflow as it’s great for reacting to and exploring moments of inspiration.

If you’re not able to do that effectively, the rest doesn’t matter.


ok well even if 350 people are paying the subscription, that equates to 21k usd a year (barely enough for 1 much less 2 ppl in the US), so i doubt it would be even close to 4k else they would be making serious bank XD

I don’t know the cost of living in Sweden, but i feel like there must be a serious lack of people actually on the subscription compared to users for them to take such measures, and if so, then my point still stands that the app wasn’t/isn’t ready to sustain the devs.

heck even Medly, with many more users is still barely scraping enough for a wage

edit: yes i know that the Disco server isn’t all of Auxy’s users


Here’s my full opinion on all this:

I’d say I mostly agree with what the devs are trying to do. They’re trying to drive people towards buying premium so that they can make money. It makes complete sense. Auxy isn’t a free app, or a charity. It’s a business. I support them, and I’ll be purchasing premium for as long as I’m able.

The only thing I’m slightly iffy about is the sounds for free users. I’m glad that Auxy gave freemium users until June 1st to use OG sounds, but I feel that after that, 10 sounds would still be too little. I get the point that Lenberg & Fredrik are trying to make; if you use Auxy often, you should pay for it. It’s just that some people (especially the other kids on here) would have trouble paying for Auxy over a long period of time. So for those people who want to pay for it, but can’t, they should at least be able to make beats with, maybe 20 sounds. That’s all I suggest.

That’s pretty much my only complaint though; I love many of the new features implemented into Auxy, and it is definitely the best & most useful app on my phone.


Restoring purchases told me that my subscription ended 3 weeks ago, but that was when my free trial expired. I had renewed my subscription for another month and still had a few days left. :thinking:

I will consider emailing Auxy Support, however my subscription only had a couple days left… so I don’t feel as if I wasted my money. I’ll most likely be renewing my subscription soon anyways. :slight_smile:


Was a typo. Corrected to 3500.

I would consider ~$50k (USD) as a starting sustainable salary for a single person (depending on personal spending commitments).

Accounting for Apple’s own commission as well as costs for commissioning or licensing sounds, marketing, etc…, subscriber numbers would need to be north of 3000 to simply not starve.

Again, based on very rough, semi-educated guesses.

You could be right in saying that the app isn’t ready to be their main full-time job yet. But, it might be demanding enough time that a ‘second’ (main) job might not be practical.

It might be necessary to commit to it full-time to build an app capable of attracting sufficient paying users to make it viable.

The option they’re going for is to commit their time to this project and push for sustainability/profitability, rather than push it back to being a side-project.

Btw, curious to know where you’re getting your info about Medly, wages, etc…


since we’re all worried about how many users will remain, why dont we, as a community launch some sort of advertising campaign? its worth considering this, if this small community starts spreading the word about the amazing capability of this app, im sure there will be at least 40% of those new users who will be easily convinced to subscribe to premium

im gonna try this out, 90% of the people i know would spend money on this without a second thought tho XD


Please send a support email from the app anyway, as I would really want to figure out what’s going on here to make sure it doesn’t happen to other users :slight_smile:


That makes sense. Will email something tomorrow, gotta sleep now :sleeping::stuck_out_tongue:


I believe that the app store takes upwards of $99 a year. But yeah, they would need a good number of subscribers. If both Len & Fred took 50k usd, then they would need roughly 2k subscribers (2k would actually give a bit more than 50k). Judging by the numbers i think i found, there’s roughly 200ppl on the subscription platform atm.
so apparently only 20% of users would be contributing to the app atm

I’m getting the numbers from https://sensortower.com/
Idk how accurate the #'s are, but i found this website through an article/blog someone wrote while scanning the internet and it seems pretty trustworthy.
However this only shows raw download #'s & total revenue generated, not current/active users or breakdowns of payments. I also don’t know how often it’s updated, though at least the reviews are kept updated (geez that’s a whole lotta negativity since the update)

(you can crunch the #'s for Medly on the cite i used too)

It's a generous thought, but…

I might be willing to lend my shoulder to that if I saw that the Auxy team were already doing more to market and promote the app.

I’m not seeing much marketing and promotion at all.
There’s little engagement online.

If we assume that a good portion of their social following are free users, Auxy aren’t really doing much at all to promote the benefits of the Premium subscription.

  • Most recent Tweet: Feb 27th
  • Most recent Facebook post Nov 12th 2017
  • Most recent (own) YouTube video: 21 Mar 2017
  • A wiki entry that’s years out of date. (Given that Google pulls in a summary from wiki, this one directly impacts searches for Auxy.)
  • Very little earned media this year

There’s a rich, buzzy topic – mobile music production – that Auxy can and should be pro-actively creating content around to attract new users/subscribers. They’re not.

Lenberg is right that mobile music production is at a pivotal/breakthrough moment. They need to be doing much, much more to get on this early wave in order to solidify their position and presence in this field.

Until then, I won’t be volunteering my time and effort compensating for a for-profit company’s lack of marketing.

If there was some kind of affiliate scheme, then maybe…


Plus ~30% of all sales, including subscriptions, afaik.
Don’t forget the cost of licensing or commissioning sounds.
Iirc, there’s some advertising spend on the App Store.



Interesting site.

Would be handy to know if those DL numbers are uniques or total (not accounting for repeated downloads from single users, such as with updates).

Also, odd that they have anything resembling revenue.
I’d be very surprised if Apple or the app publishers allowed that info to be public, especially as I’ve seen commentary from app owners about how difficult is can be to get solid download numbers from Apple.