Why we're replacing the demo sounds


Yeah I was trying to think of free iOS music apps and there aren’t any, that I could think of (aside from GarageBand).

Many games are free to play but most music apps have an initial cost, at least at the outset and it’s usually not cheap.

EDIT: Also, the ones that exist on both iOS and desktop land are usually identical and on iOS they are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. So us old school desktop folks are in our glory right now.


You can find cheap single function ones sometimes but usually it’s in that ballpark and yeah it’s STILL WAY LESS than desktop software prices. We have it good for the immediate future. So get it while the gettings good folks.


Just for example, Effectrix by Sugar Bytes for the PC/mac is $119… on iOS it’s $17.99. It’s literally the same exact application. So yeah, people don’t realize how good we have it (for now).


Honestly, you are out of hand and need to be more empathetic. Maybe if you had a job the $5 a month wouldn’t bother you so much.


Yeah we are lucky there is a forum where we can even communicate with the developers. That in itself shows that they care. Not everyone else has forums like these. They just make choices.


I was going to get Klevgrand Grand Finale for desktop, but then decided the price wasn’t worth it ($60), as I already had the iOS version ($15).


Another great example! If all people know is “free Auxy” they really have no idea…


No, you missed my point.

Music apps on iOS always have a cost, whether it’s up front or recurring.

The fact that Auxy was free (and out the gate is still free) is quite rare.


Yes it is “free” to download but Auxy isn’t technically “free” now is it

You gotta pay to use the other 3/4 if the app

And soon it’ll be all of the app

And that is gonna decrees the amount of users tragically fast


well if you think about it, other apps will eventually be cheaper than Auxy (overall cost) most other apps are like a 1-time pay. You pay upfront or to unlock everything else for a higher price than $5. But $60 a year x 5 years and you’ve already racked up $300. Eventually you’ll realize that it would have just been cheaper to buy an actual DAW, which, although not portable & as easy to use, is able to do more than Auxy will ever be able to do solely because of the limitations of phone compared to that of a computer.

what does this prove? nothing really, but it just kinda puts things into a more longterm perspective.


Take your own advice. And if so why the essay entry complaints. Pick up on business.


You know they release those apps again with full feautured updates as Title2. Beatmaker 1, Beatmaker 2, Beatmaker 3. You get value, you give so that the developers can maintain. Computers cost money, placing your app on the store costs money, office rent costs money. They can’t be living in unsustainable conditions just so we can have an app that doesn’t get updated, but is free. It’s only fair they get compensated. :slight_smile:


I’m on the fence RN about Auxy, I don’t have a sustainable amount of income at the current moment. And, at the moment, I am saving up for a $200 electric keyboard and, only making about $10-$25 ish a month, taking five out of that sets me back a bit. Now my B-Days coming up :confetti_ball: and I might have some extra money to spend, but that’s still a month away. So, for now, I am unsure about me continuing my stay on Auxy for a while. Like said above, I will still have the original sound and the AP’s I purchased. But, now I’m locked out of 99% of all the drums and, with new instruments every month, getting restrained with what I can do and falling behind every month, making it harder to keep up with everyone else.

So, for now, I am on the fence with using Auxy and might move on to something else.


XD you’re too funny that was just an in beatable comeback there, but yanno it’s okay I’m not offended :joy:

And have you read anything else I’ve wrote or just that “essay” xD bc it makes a lot of sense imo


I’ve often thought about this and I do implore people to consider all their options.

For me, where I’m at in my life right now, my only real option is mobile production.

Others may have other options on the table and you’d be very foolish not to consider them all carefully.


The thing is, is that $300 a year is x by however many people bought premium or sound packs and hundreds or thousands of people which is a lot of money


Okay cool


Most apps these days are like this. Spotify, Netflix, etc. And people don’t usually look at them and say “oh, this should be labeled as free”, they get it because it’s a good investment. Auxy is going down the same path, and I have no problem with that.


well not really if you think about it.
Idk how much it costs to live where the devs do, but in the US, without rent, its like minimum 15k for the rest of your expenses yearly (car, health, food, etc). So $60 a year from just the premium users isn’t as sustainable as it sounds

I think the devs took of on Auxy too early and committed to it full time, which i don’t mind, it shows their dedication & their want for the app to be successful. But living on it as is, with such a small, tight community, probably wasn’t the best choice. I just dont think Auxy is/was big enough to be sustainable regardless of the % of users on the premium payment and the devs made the transition to rely on it too early in the app’s life.

If Auxy were to have double the amount of current users, then i could see it as more sustainable. But even just looking at who’s on the Disco, there aren’t ever many new users joining. You see the same names everywhere, but rarely a new face.

If Auxy were a small Youtube channel that just opened up a Patreon in an attempt for the guys to be able to do Youtube full time, you already know that not everyone subscribed (users on the “free youtube platform”) would jump onto the Patreon, regardless of the rewards for contributing.
(i know it’s not a great example, but I feel like it makes some sense)


There’s always alternatives